Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Wedding in India descends into farce after groom's first wife storms the venue and beats him up (photos)

Vishal Kumar Sonu, a 42yr old Indian groom was happily tying the knot with his new wife when his first wife identified as Rakhi, barged into the venue and set upon him like a tornado. She vehemently opposed the wedding saying the man who is father to her 13yr old son could not marry the woman 18 years his junior because they were still legally married after getting hitched 14 years ago.Things were going smoothly for the groom on the traditional wedding day when his first wife decided to make a dramatic entrance. As she argued with him, the groom said he did not know her, which prompted the angry woman and her family to start assaulting him.

He said that he had divorced his first wife and that he had the papers to prove it, but as he tried to run away, the relatives chased him and the bride. Things got so bad, the owner of the restaurant where the wedding was being held called the police and both parties were taken to the station.

According to Rakhi's brother, Pawan Kumar, his sister was married to the groom for 14 years and the union produced a teenage son but she moved in with her parents when the relationship deteriorated. Kumar also accused Sonu of being unemployed and physically abusing his sister over money.
He said:
'We took Rakhi back to our home and set a condition before Sonu that they will send her back only after he will start earning. Sonu agreed to this and used to visit Rakhi often. We never expected that he will solemnise a second marriage. We came to know about his marriage two days ago, when someone showed us the wedding invitation.'Sonu on his part said they were only married for seven years before they divorced and he claims he has the documents to prove it. A report has been filed and the court will decide if further action needs to be taken.

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